yoga class

The room is warm and quiet, a soft glow from the candles in the corner. Scattered around the floor are long unfurled mats each with an occupant, some lie prone, some sit with straight backs, legs crossed.

The atmosphere is one of calm as I pad my way, barefoot, to the far corner and unfurl my mat. I lie down, close my eyes and relax into this new experience.

The instructor enters and in a low gentle voice starts to direct our movements. Hands on stomach, focussing on each breath in and out, slowly and deliberately she guides us through the next 90 minutes of movements and thoughts, principles and reasonings.

My first time

It was my first yoga class, I had some nerves around whether I’d actually be able to contort my body as required, but I was also looking to, finally, trying Yoga. It’s is something I’ve spoken about trying for years, I’ve practised a little meditation in the past, I know a few of the poses thanks to Wii Fit and, unbeknownst to me, one of the techniques I use when I’m having trouble sleeping is the same as the final relaxing routine that our instructor took us through;

Lying on the floor, giving the floor the weight your body, slow steady breathing as you focus on one area of the body starting at the toes, then the feet, ankles, back of the leg and so on up through the neck and head.

I did struggle with some of the poses, but it’s a beginner class and Anthea quietly helped with the movements. My bad knee received a small towel for added cushioning, and a couple of foam bricks made some positions possible.

I left feeling … serene? I’m not sure what the right word is and at the time I described it as ‘floaty light’ which seems about as good a description as any. It was challenging at times, there is a lot to focus on at times between maintaining good form (if the body allows it) and controlling your breathe, and I’ll admit that at some points I was a lot more focussed on my inability to do either! I know that will change.

I’ve only had on Yoga class but I think I’m already hooked. There were some mid-pose moments that had me feeling very centred and quiet, fleeting moments for now but at least I know I’m on the right track. I’ve always admired the grace the Yoga seems to impart, both in body and mind, and I hope I can gain a little of both in the coming weeks.

For those in Glasgow, I’m taking classes at Yoga Healing Glasgow.