Bad Motorist

You couldn’t make it up.

One day after berating a bad cyclist, I have the perfect example of how to be a bad motorist.

Part of my commute crosses a small, narrow, humpback bridge. It’s an old bridge, with high solid stone walls. Visibility is nil from either side.

Obviously this is the perfect place for an oncoming car to try and overtake a cyclist on the road. He was a couple of feet across the white lines, so how I missed him on one side, and the wall on the other, I have no idea. I did, out of the corner of my eye, see the cyclist wobble a bit as the car cut back in so I’m guessing he almost knocked the cyclist off too.

Stunningly stupid, dangerously reckless.

Cyclists 1 – Drivers 1!

But no, this will not be a theme of posts as, frankly, I could probably start up a separate blog on this topic alone! Instead I’ll give you the top two links you get when searching for “Bad cyclists bad motorists”.

  • Bad Drivers – a list of examples compiled by a user called Cycling Addiction
  • Bad Cyclists – a montage of examples compiled by a user called StoryOfBike

Which prompts the question, if cyclists are calling out other cyclists, where are the drivers calling out other drivers?