Bad Cyclist

I was driving to work this morning and witnessed a minor incident that irked me.

As I approached a pedestrian crossing the lights were changing back to green and by the time the car in front got to them, they had been green for a couple of seconds.

That didn’t stop a cyclist, cycling on the pavement and across the road at the pedestrian crossing almost getting taken out as he only started crossing the road when the light changed to green. I saw it happening from a distance and braked but the car in front of me had to slam his brakes on (there were others cars in the left lane, likely blocking his view).

The cyclist, once he’d gotten across the road. Stopped, turned and started shouted at the car in front of me as it drove off.

As, by that point, I was level with the cyclist I had half a mind to have a go at him!

Now, I cycle, not as often as I should, but when I do a lot of it is on busy roads. I have cycled to work and I think I have a fair grasp of roadcraft. I’m not the best cyclist, but neither am I the best driver.

I also know that this incident is probably not that common.

Unfortunately I think it’s this type of thing that sticks in the minds of the (pro) drivers and the (pro) cyclists. The driver probably drove away thinking “bloody idiot cyclist” and the cyclist was probably thinking much the same about the driver (despite being in the wrong!)

To all drivers, please be vigilant. Not every road user will use the road properly and you are in a large hunk of metal that can hurt and kill. Be mindful of that.

To all cyclists, please try and obey the rules of the road. I realise that jumping that red light, or using the pavement and a pedestrian crossing to cross the road is an easy option, but it’s dangerous (and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal).

A wee bit of give and take and the roads can be usable by all of us.

(I really don’t like writing this kind of preachy bollocks, I know it won’t make an ounce of difference, but it pissed me off!)

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  1. Antje said:

    As a cyclist and pedestrian (mostly), that kind of behaviour really pisses me off…it’s dangerous enough cycling in traffic without pulling stupid stunts like that or, indeed, giving drivers yet more excuses to bitch about us and not take adequate care while driving (Well, *that* cyclist ran a red light so it’s ok if I ignore *this* cyclist’s safe zone). The Highway Code applies to all road users, goddammit.

    ….and don’t even get me started on people cycling on pavements….

    March 12, 2013

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