Hello 2013

Around this time last year I realised that I had already begun my resolution. Not that I do the whole New Year Resolution thing, and technically this change of attitude had already kicked in but, regardless, it became a bit of a theme for me.

Largely my focus was to avoid negativity and, for the most part, I did pretty well. I relaxed. I calmed. I stepped away from conflict.

Sure, I screwed up a few times but that’s part of life.

So, what will this year hold? No resolutions but another change in attitude for sure, I can say that with some confidence because it’s already started. A determination has, over the past month, slowly been building and as other pieces of my life fall into place I think 2013 will be a good year. Of course I’ve no idea if that will hold true but the signs are good.

Some things that are definitely going to happen, new tattoos (I have one still to book for my last birthday), Glastonbury, and I turn 40.

The latter might be more of a driver than I care to admit.

There is one thing that I am going to focus on. Not the guitar lessons (which I got a starter of for my Christmas from my gorgeous girl!), not the weight loss and general ‘health kick’ which I will get back on, not the hope of reading more books, not the desire to spend less time wasting time (Playstation, social media consumption), instead I’m going to focus on the one thing which I already know has a big impact on me and my life.


I’m a bit of a night owl, always have been, but add in my desire to manage my own mood in the morning by avoiding traffic and most nights I’ll end up with 6-7 hrs sleep. That’s fine really, but it’s the weekends that skew things. Late nights I can handle but I’m beginning to realise that the long lie-ins add to my ‘I should be doing something’ itch.

Don’t get me wrong, some mornings they are needed, and I do love lying in bed next to Kirsty, supping coffee and swapping stories, jokes, pics and anecdotes (from Twitter, Facebook  and so on, obviously), but some mornings I end up with that nagging feeling in the back of my brain, the voice that says “you could’ve been out for a cycle and back by now”, or “why not go for a nice walk”.

I’m going to try and start listening to that voice a little bit more often I think.

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  1. Lyle said:

    Know exactly what you mean. My sleep cycle has changed significantly this year – related to commute, domestic arrangements and so on as well, as you know – and I do generally feel much better for it.

    I’m still bad at going to bed – I’ve even programmed the lights to turn off, as a ‘go to bed’ cue, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. (Downside of being able to touchtype, among other things) Sometimes the sleep itself is also disturbed, which is still a kickback to the insomnia of old.

    But I don’t have the lie-ins I used to either. Not that they were ever really super-long, but on a weekend I’d sleep ’til 9.30am or so, which I really needed after the long week.

    This year though, since moving, I tend to be awake by 8 regardless (and by 7 during the week) so I do feel better for it.

    Hope it works for you, and have a good one.

    January 2, 2013

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