60 minutes

Given my previous posts on spending a little more time on me (a photo a day, reading more books, etc), this post really did strike a chord. He talks of setting aside an hour a day to “build something” (he admits the definition of  this is very loose).

Since I’ve started I’ve had roughly a 50% success rate of actually getting to my hour. The excuses are varied, but the data is compelling. Even at a 50% hit rate, I’ve written more, I’ve tinkered more, and, most importantly, I’ve spent over eight hours this month alone exercising the part of my brain I care about the most: the part that allows me create.

For me this is probably more of what I was trying to achieve with my resolved outlook. I’ve stopped taking a photo a day, and I’m still reading but not hitting a book a month but I feel good regardless, simply because I’m doing those small things for me.

I’ve not tinkered with my own websites for quite a while, yet I always have plans to do so. I’ve not really done much new with my flat, despite ideas to do so, all these things I could achieve if I aim for an hour a day. It seems simple, and I’m prepared to fail as I know already I won’t manage it every single day but as a methodology it sits well with me.

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