Almost Christmas!

I have a terrible memory, if I didn’t have access to a calendar (app/website) I’d be completely lost.

The flipside of this is that, because everything goes into my calendar, it’s easy for me to see that between now and Christmas I have something (a gig, a wedding reception, nights out and other commitments) planned every single weekend bar one.

This is not a bad thing, but does force me into having to plan more and more of the rest of my life to make sure everything that needs to get done, gets done (things like paying bills, cleaning, etc) and that I leave time to do things that I want to do, some of which are scheduled, of course, but many of which are less time constrained.

It does mean I struggle, at times, to “go with the flow”. Because my life is scheduled, part of me is always aware that there is SOMETHING that NEEDS DONE by a certain time or date. It’s hard to switch that off, but I’m learning.

In fact, I’m developing a weird sort of schedule where I’m marking days in my calendar as “do nothing” days (or evenings, if needs must). Is that weird? It seems weird…

One thing I am definitely trying to do, but struggling to schedule, is to keep up the cycling. I’m not all that keen in going out in howling gales and hailstones (as we had here last week) but I’m sure I can handle a bit of drizzle now and then. Alas with the weather being somewhat unpredictable at best, I can’t really schedule it. Can I? Should I?

We will see.

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No, it doesn’t seem weird to mark ‘do nothing’ days in
your calendar. Pete and I have been doing that for years. Now I also mark ‘no teaching’ weekends and ‘K&P night off’ during weeks when one or other of us is out every night, and ‘day of chill’ for days when I plan to schedule nothing. As yet, I’ve never actually achieved a day of chill.

Kevin says:

What calendar / app do you use. Thinking of getting a decent Calendar / Organiser / Reminder app for the Iphone but there are millions of them.

Any suggestions?

I use Remember The Milk for tasks and Google Calendar (which I sync with Outlook at work usin Google Sync). Works for me.

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