Plan for a plan

I’m a planner, a goal oriented person. Sometimes it really pisses me off but even subconsciously I’ll break down the simplest thing and give myself a goal. It can be handy when it comes to keeping up with chores (I won’t sit back down until I’ve put a wash on and cleaned the bathroom) and it’s definitely handy when I find the motivation to exercise (competitive? me?).

But sometimes that need to know what is next, what the plan is, what the goals are, means I spend too much time worrying about when things “should” (by my own weird interpretation) happen, rather than relaxing and just letting things happen.

So I’m trying to relax a bit, and only worry about the things that actually need to be worried about.

A good example of my quandary is our upcoming trip to Glastonbury. Yesterday the full lineup, including times, was announced.

Given that there are four days, and 34 different areas, with performances running from 10am through to 6am there is simply no way we’d get to see everything we wanted to see, it’s just impossible. So there are two choices.

Choice 1
Highlight the performances we really want to see and pull together a list of times and locations. That way I at least know that one a certain day, at a certain time, I need to head to a certain area. That way I’d have some level of a plan to keep me happy and the rest we can make up as we go.

Choice 2
Don’t plan a thing. Wander round and stop when something grabs our attention.

We are aiming at mostly Choice 2 (exception being made for Elbow) as it’d be good to just experience the entire thing, than spend four days rushing about from area to area.

So, that’s the plan. Mostly.

Which means, sneakily, there is still a plan!

So I win.

Or do I?

I’m so confused.

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3 comments helps you create your schedule, should you decide to go that way. You can select all the acts you want to see and save the url to print at the very last minute before leaving to include last minute changes.

See you at Elbow’s!

I think I’d plan a bit more than that, although generally I’m with you on the risk of over-planning. I suppose you’re mostly planning for rain, though. Have a great time, anyway.

Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans. Relax and enjoy the trip to Glastonbury.

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