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If you are currently looking to purchase any cookware, bakeware or other such kitchen based utensils, may I humbly point you towards Denny & Sons.

The reason I mention them specifically is because I think it’s worth pointing out companies who do things properly, who care about the experience their customers have. There are plenty of instances of bad service so it’s nice to be able to highlight a good one!

Case in point.

I ordered a couple of items from Denny & Sons, and whilst one arrived in a timely manner, the second hadn’t appeared. I wasn’t in a hurry so yesterday I politely emailed them to check if it had been dispatched.

This morning I received a polite and friendly phone call (Hi Charles!) from the company, explaining that their had been a labelling error at their end (delivery was marked as “1 of 1” instead of “1 of 2” items) and that they were sorry for the mistake, and that I’d receive the second parcel tomorrow by 4pm.

It’s simple enough to do. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it, fix it, then tell the customer what happened and that their order is on it’s way (giving a firm day/time gets you bonus points!). It’s not rocket science yet so many companies don’t handle mistakes well at all.

Mistakes happen. It’s how companies deal with them that matters.

Bravo Denny & Sons (and if you are gonna buy from them, they are listed on Quidco too).

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Ian's Mum says:

Hi Gordon,

John Lewis are the same.

Ian's Mum says:

Sorry John Lewis IS the same?

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