Power of the Internets

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I don’t have Uncle Ben, and I’m not Peter Parker, but the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility” is foremost in my mind at the moment.

Although, when I say “great power” I really mean “a tiny bit of influence, mostly exerted through Google’s search algorithms” but that’s not quite as catchy…

The thing is, I could write something here that is very complimentary and it could have a direct influence on the business that someone is running.

For example, I COULD list the failings of our current estate agent, and then when someone Google’d the company name they’d find my comments. But that would be wrong.

Wouldn’t it?

2 Replies to “Power of the Internets”

  1. I’m not sure whether that would be wrong or not.

    The best way to find out would be to list the failings and see what happens.

    You could always apologise later (once they’ve sold the house, of course), if that becomes necessary.

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