I have a new phone

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It is shiny and new.

It does a lot of things my old phone could do but does them a lot faster, and prettier.

I have a new phone.

It doesn’t do some things other phones do but I don’t need it to.

It does have some things other phones don’t.

I have a new phone.

I am very pleased.

Some people probably think the new phone is a waste of money.

They may well be right.

I have a new phone.

I’m sure there are other options out there.

I’m sure there are other phones with more features, better battery life and other things.

I have a new phone.

4 Replies to “I have a new phone”

  1. Now you need that t-shirt to go with the new shiny.

    Oh, and avoid IM+ until it’s been updated (assuming you used that app on the old phone). The current version does really, really dislikes iOS4 but a fixed version’s been submitted for the store, apparently.

  2. I like the Fisher Price phone too. I find the keypad to be of particularly robust construction with easily identifiable colour coded keys. The display leaves something to be desired and the audio quality can be a bit hit and miss. However, battery life is excellent and it can be dropped, kicked and covered in vomit and still works. It has a fairly limited function set, but who uses half of those things anyway? Recommended.

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