Rock and Roll

A quick update on my rock and roll lifestyle.

On Monday night I spent most of the evening surfing the internet, online window shopping for new furniture and other bits and bobs.

Last night I spent some of the evening flicking through catalogues, browsing for new furniture and other bits and bobs.

Jealous, aren’t ya.

To be honest it’s fun and a little bit exciting, a new start, a clean slate and I’m only slightly bamboozling myself with all the choice out there, what is my style, when DO I buy an iPad? So many questions!

In other news, I’ve decided to vote Lib Dem, but that’s not really that important. Right?

Anyway, how the hell are you?


  1. graybo said:

    Fine, thanks. At the moment, I’m not buying furniture, nor an iPad, but I am wondering why it takes people so long to pay a simple uncontested invoice. As for voting, I’ll probably vote blue but might vote yellow – not so much floating voter as semi-submerged and taking on water.

    April 14, 2010
  2. mum said:

    If that’s all the criteria above, then I have just realised I have a rock and roll lifestyle too – the sad thing is I’ve had it for about 40 years! (and I’ve never had anyone I ever voted for get into Parliament – except Will Young but I think that was for something else)

    April 14, 2010
  3. Cecily said:

    The way the polls are going, how you vote will be VERY important, even if you live in a very safe seat, as I do.

    It is possible that Lib Dems could get the most votes but fewest seats (compared with Tories and Labour) while Labour win the most seats with the fewest votes.

    Although it probably won’t be quite as extreme as that, the case for considering electoral reform is likely to be quite strong and the Lib Dems will probably be in a position to push for it as a condition of supporting one of the other two parties. The greater the apparent mismatch between votes and seats, the greater the case for change and compromise.

    So whether you want that or not, a vote for or against the Lib Dems could have far more effect than usual.

    April 27, 2010

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