The Batmobile

Also known as a Ford Fiesta Titanium, 1.6 TDCi, with Tech Pack (bluetooth, USB port, keyless entry and ignition) and Body Styling kit (front, rear and side skirts). Got about £3.5k off list price.

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NKV says:

Nice rims!

Very nice! Brand new?

I drove a Nissan recently with keyless entry. Nearly drove me bonkers and really questionable from a practicality and safety point of view if you have a small child. Aside from that, a sound choice, I think. Being a Ford diesel, it should be good for at least 200k miles – I trust you plan to keep it that long and not waste more money on cars?

Brand new, 10 miles on clock.

I’ll keep it for 4 years (about £100K) then see how I feel I think 🙂 (I’m hoping hovercars will be out by then.. I mean it’ll be 2014 fer chrissakes!!)

Looking good. I fear this will be the year I need to replace my old Focus. Fear! I guess you wouldn’t recommend the Honda?

Ian, the Civic was a great car to drive, well equipped but just too expensive to run for the mileage we do (20k a year or so).

If it was cheaper to tax, service and run (we got about 47mpg) then I’d still have it, or a newer one. We had the first of the new model and all the niggles have now been fixed from the 07/08 model onwards.

If it fits your budget, get the 2.2 TDi (ES model was ours) fantastic engine. That or that old fav, the TypeR!

Very nice.

Looks rather like a stretched out Clio I’d say.

I agree with Graybo on the keyless entry. Good luck if it starts to go wrong… Husband of a Crafty Lady had his in the garage every week for computer reset for 18 weeks. Eventually he got very very cross and they replaced the unit. Personally I wouldn’t have been made to wait 18 weeks.

Yeah, well I tend to look on the positive about these things. IF it goes wrong it’ll get fixed.

wee sis says:

It’s just lurvly!! Think my next car will be black, makes it v sexy!

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