Almost finished

Bye bye 2009, almost. It’s been…. well for the most part it’s been fun, it’s been good, I’ve learnt a lot, and will take some of that into the coming year.

Christmas was, as ever, a mixbag of anti-climax, lots of food, laughter, some alcohol and a nasty hacking cough.

I have resolutions ready, one only, and will tape them to my mirror as that seemed to help a bit with the ones I had last year (Exercise, Lose Weight).

And whilst I’d love to do a big round up of the past year I’m not going to.

Not done one before, and don’t see why I should start now.

Hope you’ve all had a good ‘festive period’ (that’s what we call it now, right?) and that 2010 brings you everything you want and deserve.