Always Learning

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In using up the last of my holiday allocation for the year, I find myself finishing up on the 17th December and not returning to work until the 5th of January.

Previously I’d have viewed that as a good chance to get some things done (and there are two things I MUST get done before the end of the year) but being yet another year old and wiser I’ve decided not to bother making any plans.

Sure if I end up with a free day I have a few things in mind, but by and large I’ll be taking things as they come. It’s gonna be a chilled out Christmas.

5 Replies to “Always Learning”

  1. Well if *I* make the trifle then it would no longer be a tradition.. are you trying to ruin all our Christmas traditions, are you??!!!

  2. If Gordon made the trifle it wouldn’t be mum’s xmas trifle – just wouldn’t be Xmas without it!!! Mind you if Gordon made one then we would have two on Xmas day, 1 each – what will you, dad and Louise eat though??? 🙂

  3. Don’t know about dad but Louise and I will be happy with 2 packets of ‘pigs in a blanket’ (each) and 6 M&S croquettes (each) Diet resumes on the 26th.

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