Nothing to see here

A brief recap of a crap week.

It started well on Monday (yeah that surprised me too) with a good day being productive and positive, which was topped off by a better evening at the Massive Attack gig.

Tuesday was ok, and dinner with my parents to celebrate my Dad’s birthday was nice and then I went home, noticed a pain in my back at some point and…

And since then that’s been the story of my week. That pain turned out to be a pulled muscle that kept me awake for most of the next three nights and rendered any attempt to turn my head or shoulders into a sharp stabbing pain that throbbed most of the day.

So it was quite a nice change to wake up this morning with most of the movement returned and the possibility of leaving the house for the first time in days. Which I did, getting a haircut and heading to the shops to buy a couple of shirts.

Except, of course, a migraine decided to join the party.

On the whole it’s been a crap week and for the most part I’ve been grumpy and a bit maudlin (I’m crap at being ill, I do like to keep busy!). Roll on Monday.