Like Herding Cats

You know when you have a set of disparate, yet related, ideas and plans and whilst you know they WILL all tie together it can sometimes be a struggle to both see how that will happen and communicate it to your various stakeholders? Well that’s where my head has been the past couple of weeks. No wonder I’ve been tired and headachey, my brain hurts!

Basically I’m trying to pull together a plan for the next 6-12 months that wraps up the ongoing development of the single source solution my team have in place (we are using Author-it), with the production of a knowledge centre (containing all of the product documentation, releases notes and more), which will be hosted on the developer community website I have setup, making sure we can provide partner friendly information all the while ensuring that we are covering all the levels of content required.

That, plus a few other side projects.

I have a mindmap of all this, and whilst I’m not fond of them it is allowing me to make sure I’m covering all the required areas.

The good thing is that it is all starting to come together so all I’m really doing is tweaking the timescales and goals a little to make sure they all align. The downside is that it’s generating even more work for me and my team which, as it happens, is actually a good thing.


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