It's hard

Listening to the news on the way to work this morning, some chav sounding lassie from some London suburb or other was bemoaning the fact that she found it hard not to bunk off school.

Yes, that’s right. She wasn’t finding it hard to attend school just hard not to bunk off at least once a week.

She said she had once “even” been arrested whilst bunking off which didn’t reflect well on her school, or her parents but it was just really hard not to bunk off. I’m guessing peer pressure is probably the reason but that’s just a symptom of the underlying disease

I’ve touched on this theme before, several years ago, and whilst part of my reaction disgusts me I can’t help that knee-jerk feeling that somewhere, somehow, discipline has been lost, and my contempt for that girl rises to the top.

Do we blame the parents? The teachers? The government? The kids? Probably all of them in different ways and magnitudes.

And the thing that really annoys me is that fixing, or at the very least addressing, the slow decline of moral standards in our society must be possible.

Just, you know, it’s, like, hard.


  1. Blue Witch said:

    This current governmint’s policies and practices have ripped the heart out of our society with their nanny-stating and removal of individual rights and responsibilities.

    Responsibility for instilling morals and ethics must start at home. Kids are at home for up to 5 years before they start at school (and most teachers are parents themselves too).

    The (very few) parents I know who I think do an excellent job constantly battle against their kids bemoaning the fact that other kids’ parents aren’t like them – ie demand manners, respect being shown, believe in family activities involving activities and communication not everyone sitting in front of their own electronic gadget, thought for others and thinking about what they can give to the world rather than get/acquire.

    But, with the effects of immigration (disintegration of culture by over-influx in many areas), consumerism, greed, and war (giving the idea that it is OK to solve problems by violence) leading the headlines every day, it’s an uphill battle for even those people

    Not to mention the fact that many of us who still care about standards have chosen not to have kids ourselves, which further reduces the good examples being set.

    July 29, 2009
  2. marcelino said:

    no threat of war, starvation or an actual work day to manage, … there is little more you can expect from a member of a civilization that promotes extravagance.

    July 30, 2009

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