Day in the life

Woke up, fell out of bed,
Dragged a comb across my head;

If only the second line were true.

My day has a routine, I doubt very much that this is an usual fact. I mean I’d imagine most people do pretty much what I do every day. Actually that’s probably not true. Most people in the western world perhaps and at this point I’ll pause to consider how lucky I am and how much I take my comfortable life for granted.


The alarm clicks and the radio wakens me from my slumber. I still use an alarm clock beside my bed as I like to see the time. I have tried using my phone in the past and if could find an iPhone app that disabled email notifications whilst the clock was showing that I’d probably switch back to that.

I swing my legs out of bed and pad to the bathroom, stepping over the cat who will be lying on the landing waiting for someone to go downstairs and feed him. I pee, weigh myself, and shower. I don’t shave everyday as my skin can be a bit temperamental. I then wander back across the landing to the part of my office that holds my daily accoutrements, apply some deodorant, a dab of aftershave then back into the bedroom to get dressed.

Once clothed, back to the office where I’ll put on my shoes, lift my phone from the charger, put my wallet in my back pocket and dip into the small wooden tub in which I keep my spare change. I usually make sure I’ve got at least a couple of pounds in my pocket, with at least ยฃ10 in my wallet.

Downstairs now. Whoever is first will feed the cat, a treacherous exercise as he winds himself round your feet, mewing and pleading to be fed. Then it’s a small glass of fruit juice to wash down my pills (2 a day), a quick check to ensure there aren’t any dead animals (mice usually) in the living room and I grab the car keys, unlock the front door and drive to work.

Once at work, a quick skim of any new emails (subject lines only at this point) and if nothing is urgent then I’ll grab a bowl of cereal and sit at my desk and read and respond as required. By the time 8.30am rolls around I’m usually done with that, have had a quick check on Twitter and a quick flick through some RSS feeds.

Then it’s coffee and the working day begins.

I’ve had the same routine, give or take travel differences, for quite a while. It works for me. Although I will admit that some days I do mix it up a little… instead of cereal I’ll have a roll and sausage (of the square variety). Dangerous I know but hey, what’s life without a little bit of chaos!

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mum says:

How many times…? Brush your teeth!!

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