Colour and smiles


The sun was shining when I left work, a great brilliant light, dazzling me as we started to commute home. I’d been in a foul mood shortly before but there is something about that light that lifts my spirits no end. Even sitting in the traffic jam in the one way system in Paisley I was still smiling away to myself.

Looking up at the skies, in the direction of home, there was nothing but grey clouds, big deep dark clouds that threatened rain, and the closer we got the darker they grew until the first few big fat spots started to fall. My smile vanished, my mood returned to grey.

It didn’t turn into more than a quick deluge but it was enough to soak the roads and, driving with the sun behind us, brought a wonderful, beautiful effect of nature into play.

Not only was there a bright and vivid rainbow overhead, but from the spray of each car in front of us a tiny fragment of colour flashed and glinted. It was quite mesmerising and beautiful.

At one point it even looked like the car in front of us had driven THROUGH the end of the rainbow, such was the brilliance of the colours. The smile was soon back on my face as I tried my best to capture this wonderful moment so I could repeat it later, but sometimes words just aren’t enough, nor are photos (Louise did try with her mobile phone though).

It’s a shame, I’d loved to have shared it with you.

So, with a spring in my step I fair bounded through the front door to find that our new bathroom has progressed well. Tiles on the walls, shower installed, units built and installed, new radiator in place and the new counter top basin in place, with the taps installed on the right of the sink.


We asked for the taps to go on the left.


The countertop was the last one in stock, the nearest other place that does them is in Edinburgh, but hey, that’s not my problem but will, no doubt, delay the job. The bathroom certainly won’t be finished tomorrow, and even Saturday might be pushing it.


Still, that rainbow was really something.

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