Returning thoughts

Back from Spain, lightly roasted and still not quite up to speed with a working day (what, no siesta?!).

As I normally do, I reviewed the list of actions I jotted down before I left and looked over some of the last bits of work I completed, just to make sure I had been focussing on work and not been too distracted in the run up to the holiday.

One thing that leapt out at me was how I still, all these years later, struggle with consistency. It isn’t something that comes naturally to me and, truth be told, I’ve still to find a working system that helps.

It’s all well and good relying on Style Guides and whatnot but until I can make myself write consistently it’s always going to be something I need to consider. It’s not a huge problem, I am talking about a very fine level of detail here, but it does irk.

Aside from that, the usual hurtle towards the finishing line is well under way and by the end of the month we will see where things stand and what things we need to tackle next. All part and parcel of software development and, even though it’s a high stress time, I did kinda miss the buzz whilst I was away.


  1. I think showing variability in writing is an excellent human trait. It’s normal that unless consistency is a conscious goal it doesn’t happen.

    On the flip side, being a great technical author/editor means knowing when and how to employ systems (like DITA et al) that remove natural inconsistencies.

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