For a while now I’ve been meaning to update the About page of this blog. Ideally I’d like to put a short list of the ‘best’ posts from this blog.

Trouble is, whilst I’m quite happy to choose the list myself, it’s sort of tricky to find them, I mean seriously, there is a LOT of crap in here.

I would use the number of comments as an indicator but, having only switched to WordPress a couple of years ago and deciding then (foolishly) that I wouldn’t bother migrating all the old comments over, I’m a bit stuck.

Dare I ask my readers to help out?

Would any of them be able to list one ‘best’ post, let alone three??

Only one way to find out I guess.

I’m away all of next week so don’t worry, you don’t have to rush, but if any of you feel so inclined, I’d love to hear what you, dear reader, consider to be the top posts on this here blog.