The weekend that wasn't

Friday night, drinks are flowing, laughter is heard and, unfortunately so are the voices of … well I won’t names names. Suffice to say there is a very good reason I dislike karoake and Friday night only served to provide me with more ammunition for my argument.

If she talks very nicely to me I might not even put said evidence up on YouTube.

We were in a small restaurant in Dumbarton called Scruples. It’s a BYOB affair, and whilst pretty basic it’s good a well deserved reputation for good food and Firday night was no different. The food was tasty.

Unfortunately the food disagreed with me and I’ve been a bit bleuch all weekend. I had planned to go into work today but never made it and whilst I did get some work done at home it’s not quite the same when you are distracted by, say, a small black cat that is determined to get up onto the windowsill and, yes, he will break the printer drawer and bend the blinds should they dare get in his road!

Wee sod.

So, as I sit here I can’t help think that my weekend has been stolen. I did manage to go out and book an induction at the gym though so at least it wasn’t a complete failure.

And to make sure I have something to show for my weekend, other than an arse shaped dent in the sofa, I’m off to install the Windows 7 Release Candidate. Wish me luck!

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