Can't Cook, Watch Cook

Weekends roll around and, these days, start in the same manner. Breakfast, coffee and whatever cooking show is on that day, Saturday Kitchen or Something for the Weekend.

Rarely do I awake at noon, hungover and with little thought for much else other than Irn Bru and a bacon roll. Even as I type this, Saturday Kitchen is on and the Two Fat Ladies are baking cakes. How very middle-age of me!

It’s not that I do much in the way of cooking or baking myself. I should, I can, but I don’t. It’s yet another item on the list of Things Wot I Should Do More.

However, tomorrow morning I will be challenging this perception. No, I won’t be doing any cooking, I’ll be hungover as I’m off out for a Stag Day; paintballing this afternoon then vodka bar later on.

If I’m still alive tomorrow that is…

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Why are you not going to be alive tomorrow? Either I do not get it, Either you think some insignificant bad habit is going to kill, or maybe you have an illness that I do not know about.
Either you are too worried about dying or you want your life to end.

Artistic license, I’m not dead (obviously) just was very very hungover ๐Ÿ™‚

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