In my usual style, just when I should be doing something else I find the spare minutes and hours (which aren’t actually spare) being whittled away by something completely different.

And I don’t mean in the Monty Python sense.

Speaking of which I missed a Python reference the other day, but thankfully re-gained some geek cred by asking if anyone else knew how C3-PO got his name (or R2-D2 for that matter).

So, despite the fact I’ve got a website to build for a client (I HAVE started it, honest!) I find myself, once again, with Photoshop open, working through a variety of potential options for reworking the banner of this website. I’m a bit stalled on this and, as it will affect the my other websites, it’s kinda crucial that the whole ‘brand design’ thing works.

No, I don’t think of myself as a ‘brand’ but I do like things to be neat, and lined up and uniform and have a sense of design to them. Yes, it’s a bit anal and weird, no I’m not apologising for it, and yes I will be making similar changes to all my other websites.

However, as I’m stalled on this, I thought I’d open this up to you guys and gals. I’d like your opinion on the following, please. Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Or you can always tell me to bog off, that it’s the content you love and that you don’t care about how the website looks. In which case, you cretin, you can chuff off back to MySpace!


  1. graybo said:

    Hmm. I’m not sure. I kind of like the fact that, in the current version, ONE MAN BLOGS – equal weight is given to each word (you’re a man, there’s one of you and you’re blogging). In this proposed version, one man BLOGS, which is just a bit shouty and inflates the importance of blogging beyond what it deserves.

    Of course, if you changed the title of the blog to one man KICKS ARSE, or something like that, then this format would be entirely appropriate.

    My two euro cents.

    March 24, 2009
  2. Hg said:

    I tried to leave this comment last night, but my broadband had a major freakout just as I pressed Submit.

    On similar lines to Graybo, I said that I thought the existing version is seriously good and that you tinker with it at your peril. I made pretty much the same point about the word sizes.

    Also, you can’t really tell what the question marks are at this new size. Honestly, I think the existing version is really good. Find some other kind of outlet for your procrastination!

    March 24, 2009
  3. Lyle said:

    I’m not a fan, I can’t deny.

    Prefer the dark red/brown (maroon?) color for the logo/brain, don’t like the shouty Blogs (It also almost cries out for an ! at the end) and to me just doesn’t convey what you’re about. Whereas the “old” (current) one works for me.

    I’m sure there’s other stuff you could do, and probably will – but no, personally I’m not all that into the current idea for the rebrand.

    Sorry, matey.

    March 24, 2009

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