Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

The varied pace of life has, once again, caught me off guard. From a fairly slow, languid week last week (not without its moments mind you), the past few days have been a helter skelter rush of getting things done.

Mockups for a new website were sent off, designs for another were started, and requirements for a 3rd and 4th have all started to trickle into my inbox. Yet, such was (is!) the efficiency of my inbox handling I even managed an entire day of Inbox Zero (hint: for those using GMail, the Archive button is your friend).

I’ve even managed to renegotiate my car insurance – and I’ll pause here to thank the excellent Customer Service team at, very efficient – and I have even started reading a book, American Gods by Neil Gaiman if you must know.

Ohh sure, I’ve not done any exercise for a week and, after bingeing somewhat over the weekend, I have put on several pounds but in the midst of everything that is going on I’m willing to take that as an acceptable byproduct.

Naturally I don’t blog about everything that happens in my life (frankly, dear reader, I’d scare most of you, disgust the others and if anyone did hang about after that… well I don’t think I’d really care who they were or what they thought…), but suffice to say that things are moving forward as life is wont to do, and, as ever, I’m taking a perverse pleasure from the bumpy ride.

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American Gods is a grand book to get yourself back into reading.

Come to that, so are most of Neil Gaiman’s books.

As for the rest of the bumpy ride, well, hope it all works out OK. And if not, you know where I is for a vent…

Really enjoyed American Gods. Wanders a bit in the middle, I found, but cool concept and enjoyable read.

I need to start organizing my inbox a bit better. Things have gotten a little out of hand.

No sooner have I publically stated my inbox is at zero and my bloody mother sends me a whole swatch of ‘fun’ emails. Grrrrr.

Ian's Mum says:

Now she will send you nothing and you will be sorry(guilty?). You had better get a huge bouquet for her on Sunday.

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