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I’m in the midst of doing a little tweaking to this, and the other ‘one man’ websites. Part of that means rejigging the RSS Feeds.

There are two changes to note.

  1. The miniblog feed is dead. I haven’t had a miniblog for ages and, since deleting the feedburner feed for it, it appears to have been taken over by a chinese website. I’d suggest you unsubscribe!
  2. I’m planning on change the main feed for this blog. Yes it’s a pain, and I’m sorry but it’s the last remnant that needs changed to complete the move to the ‘one man’ domain.

So if you are subscribed to then this is the last post you’ll receive from there.

From tomorrow, the RSS feed for this blog will be

Apologies for the hassle.

And, finally, for those following the Super Duper Trough of Information (the one which includes my links and Flickr photos, don’t worry, that one ain’t changing!

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Long time blogger, Father of Jack, geek of many things, random photographer and writer of nonsense.

Doing my best to find a balance.

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Apologies Ian, my mistook. Should be working now.

(note to self: Click SAVE… idiot)

No worries – maybe I should have waited a bit before posting. Me tired.

It’s done, Gordon. Can’t risk missing a minute…

The “grab a feed” link at the top of the page still seems to be pointing to the old one.

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