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I’m terribly guilty of starting things but never finishing them, and Tuesday prompted me into action once more.

With all the best will in the world I just know that I’ll use the Goodreads website avidly for a few weeks and then my interest will be grabbed by someth… ohh shiny!!

I am an online, web 2.0, magpie. If it’s new I’ll sign up.

So, whilst I’m slowly filling it with “to-be-reads” feel free to have a gander at my shiny new Goodreads account/list, and if you have an account then, hey, let’s be ‘friends’ too!

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I’m the same way, but I find I’m sticking with more and more social apps these days. Goodreads,, and Twitter all get a lot of use. I think it has something to do with more of my friends starting to try them and how much they’re all starting to integrate with each other.

Hmmmm. Isn’t this quite like the Facebook app “Visual Bookshelf”? I’d have that was better no, because it integrates with FB so it’s easier to hook up with folks you know?

But, OMG, I DEFINITELY the same – I sign up for new shiny stuff too! 😀

Cecily says:

Good Reads is great, and I read and enjoy more as a result of joining. BUT, I found I did need to reach critical mass for that to be the case, which took a couple of months.

My tips:

First add your favourite books, ideally with a rating and a review.

Read other reviews of those books and when you find people whose views chime with yours, go to their profile, Compare Bookshelves and if there’s plenty of overlap, add them as a friend.

Join at least one group (I’m in the daftly named “You’ll love this one”). It has an optional monthly group read, which has been fun and led me to read things I might not otherwise have done, as well as discussion boards.

Once you have some friends and a group, your news feeds will give opportunities for conversation (I was listening at TCUK09) with other members, which is where the fun starts. Comment on people’s reviews, on discussion boards, draw your reviews to the attention of those you think may be interested, and away you go!

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