I don’t talk much about our cat, largely because I don’t want to become one of THOSE people who do nothing but talk about their pet but in the year since he’s been with us, and I choose my words carefully for one does not ‘own’ a cat, he’s slowly and annoyingly wormed his way into my affections, the little sod.

There is some pleasure to owning a cat, beyond the occasional dead animal and scratch mark here and there, as they are quietly affectionate in an aloof kind of way. Ollie is very much a people cat, and whilst he won’t sit on your lap he does tend to follow you around and stay in the vicinity, like a slightly disinterested guard dog.

Not growing up with a cat I still find his behaviour a little curious at times. What IS the fascination with walls about? He’ll happily sit there for 5 minutes staring at the wall, glancing around as if watching a fly when there is nothing there at all.

Ollie has a bed in the living room, raised up with scratch poles underneath it, he also has another bed which is floor level and a bit like a tent. He uses both. As well as the sofa, windowsills, the chair in the spare room and our bed too (black cat hairs on my pillow, very easy to spot!). He has a routine for such things, so whilst early evening he will be on his raised bed, he will slope off that onto the nearby sofa for a while then go out for a wander. When he returns he usually sits on the kitchen windowsill and at night if he’s not on the bed at our feet then he’s on the chair in the spare room.

He’s hell bent on tripping us down the stairs, and on getting himself kicked as we walk from room to room, he still nibbles at your fingers to get attention and thinks that tiny red dot from the laser pointer is the most fascinating thing in the world.

Yeah, the bugger is quite fun to have around.


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