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There is a part of me that is destructive. A part of me that says fuck you to all and sundry. A part of me that questions and challenges everything.

That part of me hides in the shadows waiting for the moment to reveal itself, to rise up and strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger.

Or something like that.

Actually it’s the part of me that really does, sometimes, think ‘You know what, fuck this’.

It’s usually aimed at something I either don’t fully understand or with which I can’t really be bothered. My previous post is an example of the latter, computers usually a large part of the former.

So right now I’m toying with deleting my Facebook account for, despite some valid uses cropping up in my comments, I just don’t use it. I’m also restraining myself from throwing a laptop across the room as it doesn’t belong to me it belongs to my employer.

Anyway, that’s enough of that… ohh wait, no it’s not.

Remember how I was wittering on about MP3 tags and how I really want them all to be uniformly complete? Well Pete Ashton has stumbled across a solution!

Yeah yeah, he’s talking about Twitter but the approach is what I was interested in, the idea of having a pool of [stuff] into which you can dip as and when you want, why don’t I do the same with my MP3s? I have reams of MP3 files that I don’t listen to all that often and which could easily be moved to a larger pool, leaving my ‘everyday’ tracks in their own library.

That’ll let me concentrate on those ones first (the ‘important’ ones, if you will) and I can tackle the rest as and when the notion strikes me to shuffle some albums in to/out of the pool.

Sounds like a plan.

Which is really not what I was going to write about but then that’s all part and parcel of the nonsense that is this blog. If nothing else, it helps me!

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