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I spent a fair portion of yesterday wandering around Glasgow taking photos. Some were in a touristy kind of way but others were directly influenced by a conversation I had with someone.

I had been talking about ‘finding’ shots to take, and she said that what she did was figure out the type of images that she was naturally drawn to and then try and find the opposite.

Whilst wandering round a city I always find myself drawn to the buildings, the architecture (new or old), and tend to prefer clean cut lines of the modern office blocks. I do tend towards what someone called ‘postcard’ photos, the type of view that is obvious and that everyone can spot.

So with all of that in mind I did my best to break out of that mindset for the day, and it was quite liberating to be exploring some of the back lanes, and disused areas of the city centre. I was also experimenting with my new wide angle lens, and decided to keep it on the camera all day (rather than change to the standard lens or swap it for the telephoto).

All in all it was an excellent day.

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I like your take on the back lanes and doorways. Those are the kind of odd shots I like to take. It is interesting how something so mundane can look so intriguing when photographed with the right angle and light.

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