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A couple of days ago I Twittered the following “Twitter-verse – recommendations for a Photo Poster service (ie, send them a JPG, they send back a large format ‘poster’ of said photo)“, to which Lyle responded “@gordon : Photobox, although it does depend on the size of print“.

Last night I browsed to the Photobox website and had a look around. I didn’t fill in any details, although I did bookmark the specific page I was looking for so I could revisit it at a later date (e.g. after pay day!).

And today I received an email from Twitter stating that “PhotoBox (PhotoBox) is now following your updates on Twitter.”

Coincidence? I think not.

Evidence that Twitter is now in the realm of ‘marketing tool’, definitely.

Thankfully Twitter remains controllable, frankly I don’t care how many people follow me. I can block those I really don’t want to see my updates, and the rest, be they person or company, do me little harm so they can follow, follow, follow all they like.

Remember people, you control your social media and your social media is not you.


  1. Yeah, I got that request today too.

    And as you say, they can follow me if they want. I doubt I’ll be following them, though – and I can always block them if they piss me off.

  2. Having agreed with Lyle’s tweet – I got the same follower – so I suspect it wasn’t your visit to the site that did it.

  3. I made disparaging remarks about an ISP a couple of months ago. I got an @ reply telling me that I could discuss my problems with them if I liked. So I did. They said “Oh! We see. Sorry about that” They didn’t follow me though.

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