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Sometimes it’s the little things that add up to make something better.

The realisation that I probably post to Twitter more than I should hit home recently. I use Twitter to update my Facebook status and, as a few work colleagues can see my Facebook profile, one of the jovial nitwits has created a special Facebook group just for me, titled “Gordon Mclean cannot stop updating his status”.

However, despite jokingly suggesting I might stop using Twitter soon (it has jumped the shark, hasn’t it?) I don’t see that happening, in fact I’m still finding new ways to use it.

One of the first applications I put on my iPhone was Twitterific. It was good enough for me to buy the Pro version (not hugely expensive) and it’s been my Twitter client for a while now. However it does have some limitations and when I heard mention of Tweetie I thought I’d give it a try. One intriguing part was the Instapaper hook up it has built in, with one click I can add a link that someone posts to Twitter to my Instapaper account to read at a later date.

Now, a few months ago that wouldn’t have been much use but as more and more of my fellow peers (technical writers and their ilk) start using Twitter, and as I use Instapaper for marking articles and posts that might be useful to feature in the monthly column I write for the ISTC… well it’s a match made in … Tweaven? (sorry).

In other fascinating news, I’ve been tweaking this very blog a little, mainly adding in a better view of the comments. Those of you with a gravatar should see that now, those of you that don’t get a randomly generated pattern (or you can always sign up and get a gravatar, it’s free).

OK, I’m sure you are all in need of a lie down. What an exciting whirlwind of a life I lead, eh?

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I figured that sometimes I include too much information on my Twitter/Facebook feeds when someone at work started taking the piss a while back.

Primarily it was with regard to having been an intermittent snot-fountain over the last eight weeks, but there we go – too much information rather than too many updates. 🙂

I do find now that because I know that on FB there are people I work with, some updates don’t get made. Weird but true.

Nice comment design, by the way. Very smart.

I don’t have my Facebook/Twitter statuses linked – I tend to avoid FB as much as I possibly can (and am thinking of deleting it anyway but sometimes it’s kinda handy) so I never have that problem. I’ve come to really like Twitter although am well aware that I still flood it with meaningless banter but of all the social networking tools, because of apps like Twhirl (which I use), I’ve found it to be the most social of the lot so far.

It may be considered sad that it’s been my primary news source of the last couple of weeks but I’ve found out about the death of Patrick McGoohan, Ricardo Montalban, the Hudson River air crash and other stuff via Twitter – often before it’s hit news websites. Plus tracking people like Robert Llewellyn means I know now more about the Tesla car than I would otherwise have done.

So yeah, I like Twitter. I can’t stand Facebook though.

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