Dedication, that's what you need

If you wanna be the best, and you wanna beat the rest…
Dedication’s what you neeeeeed.

My personality doesn’t lend itself to dedication. I takes me a long time to make a habit that sticks and I’m terrible when it comes to starting things but not finishing them.

So I have huge admiration for those people who do have this ability, regardless of how it manifests itself. There are those who take pride in seeing a job through to completion, and those who manage to sustain an effort over a long period of time.

An excellent example of the latter would be the weekly “7 things I did not know last week” posts by bitful which has been running since January 2007.

Every week I learn something new from these lists too, which makes them valuable to me, and every week I ponder trying something similar. Be it a list of new information, a collation of my favourite blog posts from the week or anything else that I could post on a regular basis.

And every week I realise that, whilst I would keep it going for a few weeks, it would soon fritter out. So I never start.

However I reckon I could handle a one-off project over several weeks, something where I know there is an end, something like, for example, The Shirt Off My Back Project?

Or perhaps this is just another one of those good ideas that will fade away.

So I’m mentioning this now, here, to put a little more pressure on myself to make it happen, but don’t worry, when it does, I’ll let you know.

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gillian says:

(hi, i’m a long-time lurker, may have commented before, but i can’t quite remember, i really enjoy reading your blog).

but you do have dedication! you write this blog on a regular basis and have done for a number of years. i think that is dedication!

keep up the good work!

mum says:

ah Roy Castle and Norris McWhirter

I am very happy you enjoy my weekly 7 things, and grateful for the link. I must check my stats, there’s a good chance you have doubled my daily traffic!

I am not good at keeping up activities myself, and get bored very easily, so I am surprised too that it’s been running for so long. Perhaps what helps is that I try and keep the process as simple as possible. I might write about it actually – and yes, the process involves using a google product ๐Ÿ˜‰

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