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I’ve used Picasa on my Windows machine for a few years now, it is my photo library and where I probably do most of my photo editing as well. I just love the way the application works as it ‘just works’.

So to hear that, finally, it is available for Macs certainly does warm my cockles.

(hang on, I’m not a cockney… there are no cockles here!)

The thing about Picasa, something I’ve only really considered since hearing this news, is that the way it’s been designed seems almost Apple-like, with small touches well designed and well thought out. Of all the applications I run on my Windows PC, Picasa is the most pleasurable to use, it is a powerful application that seems simple. Not something that can be said for every Windows based application.

When I got my MacBook I did consider making it the main computer in the house, moving all my media files and work files to an external drive and switching my personal computing habits over to the way Apple do things. I never did make that switch and one of the reasons was that, with 6 years of digital photos in the library, the prospect of having to use iPhoto to manage them filled me with dread.

I wonder now if I can finally make the switch.

Music wise I use iTunes, so that’s fine. Work wise most of my projects are web based so all I need is an FTP client and text editor, again the Mac is well equipped to handle those things (Coda for example). Beyond that I already know the Mac will handle everything else I need it to do.

So, for me, Picasa is the cherry on the icing. The finishing touch that should let me, finally, work the way I want to work, independently of any constraint enforced on me by the operating system and choice of applications. Yup, sounds like it is time to get that QNAP NAS drive I’ve been pondering.

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Re: Cockles of heart

This isn’t a cockney (or mockney) expression. It derives from 17th century anatomists who believed that the valves of the heart looked like cockles (or, more accurately, mussels – the word cockle is derived from the Greek word for mussel). The heart was believed to be the seat of feelings and emotions. So warming your heart would have benefits in terms of good feeling and joyousness.

So, I hope that your cockles are actually present and in good order (oh dear, that sounds *very* wrong).

I’m looking forward to trying it. Used iPhoto for a couple of years now but I’ve started using Lightroom which is very nice but probably OTT for what I need. But I can easily upload from Lightroom (and iPhoto) to flickr. Is there an easy route to publish from Picasa to flickr? I’m being lazy – should probably be googling for an answer instead.

What’s nice is that it looks like it can manage your photo’s without moving them to it’s own library or location. Far less invasive and easier to try without causing damage.

There is a Windows plugin for uploading to Flickr. No idea about the Mac version, but then I still tend to use the Flickr Uploadr itself…

And yes, coupled with the non-invasive editing, the fact Picasa will monitor folders rather than move/copy is a huge bonus.

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