Day 1

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The year is 2009. The day is less than 20 hours old and I’m pondering.

Shall I try and post EVERY SINGLE DAY? (madness!).

Shall I run a “T-Shirt off my back” competition (in tribute to Troubled Diva, of course).

Or shall I simply switch this to my tumblr feed and let the twitters, delicious linkage, tracks, photos and random blog posts become the main focus? (or, perhaps, that would be something for aha! an idea is forming!).

And if I do decide to post EVERY SINGLE DAY, does it matter if most of them are, like this, complete, waffling, filler?

Hmmmm, I ponder.

4 Replies to “Day 1”

  1. No to the tumblr feed. I’d rather infrequent but complete posts that snatches of twittering and delicious links. For one thing you write so well.

  2. Of course it doesn’t matter, Gordon. It’s a blog. And, apparently, no one reads blogs anymore so take that as a solace and a freedom rather than a disappointment, and use it as an excuse to write whatever you damned well please. That’s what I think.

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