I’m a planner. I like to consider and ponder and plan. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do throw caution to the wind, but mostly I like to know what is happening, what is scheduled. It’s a little bit anal I admit but you can usually depend on me being on time.

With that in mind I’m planning for next week when I go on holiday. I need to get some things down before we go, and as I’m out three nights this week (Thurs/Frid/Sat) and we leave on Wednesday next week, well I need to get my finger out!

(no, it’s not actually IN anywhere, be really difficult to type if it was… )

We are getting new blinds installed, hopefully this week. I need to get my haircut, fit in a few runs, finish a clients website (almost done with that one!), and make sure that everything will be ok in my absence at work (it will, all the guys in my team are smarter than me anyway, dunno why I worry). Some things will be delegated, some others I’ve still to figure out, but I won’t be happy until it’s all set.

I’ve already got my books looked out for the week away, and just to figure out what music to put on my phone (I might have to remove a couple of movies… hmmm). After that it’s only a few days clothing as we aren’t checking in any bags, get Ollie to the cattery and it’s a week in the su… er… Spain.