Just a quick blog post to note that this morning we heard the first ‘ding’ of this coming season, when our car tells us the temperature has dropped to 3C (or below). No frost yet, but it can’t be far away.

And, is it just me, or did we suddenly enter Autumn bang on October 1st? It’s like someone flipped a switch!

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Tell me about it! I’m at the hot end of the spectrum with body heat and never feel the cold but standing in the torrential rain playing football at 10:30am yesterday, I think my crown jewels still haven’t rescinded!

Softy, up there in the tropical north. Down here in Ruralville, we had our first frozen windscreens last week. The supermarkets don’t seem to be on the case yet – none of the local ones have de-icer in stock yet.

Yep, icy windscreen here in Norfolk today, not just the “bing” of “chuff, it’s chilly”

We had frost bang on the 1st. Still on the cars at 9am, it was. They don’t call Aberdeen, “Gaelic for Hypothermia” for nowt.

But we still didn’t switch our central heating on til the 2nd. How hard are we? (or, how cheap are we..?)

MisssyM, I refer you to Chris Brookmyre’s description of Aberdeen at the start of “A big boy did it and ran away”.

The basic gist is that Aberdeen calls itself the Silver City, and that was a euphemism of turd-polishing dimensions. It’s grey. All granite. G-R-E-Y. If Aberdeen is silver, then keech is copper-tone.

Also (still quoting/paraphrasing) Aberdeen markets itself as “Scotlands fourth city”, which was a bit of an eye-opener as there’s a major drop-off after the first two, and it *still* puts it behind the ungodly shit-hole known as Dundee…

Can’t think why it stuck in my mind (*cough*), having only been through Aberdeen once.

Didn’t you get that memo? I flipped the switch on the 1st and we had our first frost.

You mean we get to have Autumn? I thought we had two seasons; wet and very wet.

Meanwhile, here in ther big city (London) although temperatures have dropped to single figures, frost is nowhere to be seen. Hurrah for all that carbon dioxide keeping the atmosphere fuggy.

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