Obligatory Busyness post

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As we head for another product release it is only fair that I warn you that I am stooooopidly busy over the next three weeks, and not just at work.

I’ve been lucky enough to bag some web design work and have just gotten off the phone with yet another person asking for some of my time in a consultancy type role. Not quite sure when I’ll fit that in but time is money and all that, although I will need to figure out my hourly rate… perhaps if I extrapolate back from the last item of gadget lust and aim for that??

Of course, as I’ve said numerous times before, I quite enjoy being busy as it usually “raises my game” meaning I tend to write more often and get a lot of other things done along the way. However I will take the opportunity to confirm that I will not be starting to write a novel (or even a novella), despite the not too subtle hints dropped by my dear mother, which recently included a free “How to write a novel” handout that she found in the Guardian.

Hang on, since when did my mother start reading the Guardian?

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  1. We got the insert from the Guardian along with our Telegraph in error but thought it was just the thing for you so we didn’t take it back – sorry ASDA.

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