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You are what they eat, they say, in which case I’m mostly caffeine and potatoes.

As for what you listen to, that too has an influence on who you are and, naturally, vice versa. With this in mind it is with some disdain that I find myself plumped among the masses when it comes to my music taste. Yes, I’m a snob. No, it’s YOUR problem.

Whilst I have a fairly wide taste of music, and I continue to try and steer myself away from the mainstream (something that is easier to do these days), I only have to look back at the statistics gathered for me by which, based on the 83,000 odd tracks I’ve listened to in the past 4 years or so, suggests that my top 20 most frequently played artists are:

  1. Foo Fighters
  2. Radiohead
  3. Kings of Leon
  4. R.E.M.
  5. The White Stripes
  6. Massive Attack
  7. Muse
  8. Pearl Jam
  9. Elbow
  10. PJ Harvey
  11. Eagles of Death Metal
  12. U2
  13. Faithless
  14. Bjork
  15. Kanye West
  16. Aimee Mann
  17. Goldfrapp
  18. Portishead
  19. Leftfield
  20. Neil Finn

Hardly stepping off the beaten track, am I?

But this doesn’t tell the whole story, if you only take my listening habits from the last 3 months then Fleet Foxes, Lemon Jelly and Sigur Ros all make it into the top 10 which certainly feels, to me, a bit more representative of my listening habits.

The real reason I’m listing this here, now, is that (if I remember) I’ll revisit this topic in 6 months or so and see if the Genius button in iTunes has had much of an impact. We’ll see.

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You are what they eat?!?
I always thought it was “You are what you eat”.

Guess I must be wrong.


That’s your only comment then? I think I’m going to start BANNING PEDANTS!!!

I got to the first par, and despaired… πŸ˜›

Besides, I don’t use LastFM and I only use iTunes for download, not for music management, so I’m not qualified to comment on the other stuff, save to agree that Yes, your music listening does appear to be very mainstream and middle-of-the-road.


Should get lots of nice Google from that lot Gordon πŸ™‚

Eagles of Death Metal at no’ 11? Oh dear.
In much brighter news, the new Kings of Leon album is brilliant. Although all this excess radio play for their chart topping single is placing them in dangerously over-exposed territory.

John Armstrong says:

I am 23 and know very few , well about 3 or these artists, I am guessing that the author is bald with a beard and keeps pigeons πŸ™‚

I like the idea of posting the list to see if it is changed. Taking a look in 10 years could be fun too.

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