Having watched some of the opening ceremony I finally got a moment to catch the Paralympic coverage on TV last night, and it’s well worth it.

During the Olympics I mentioned that what draws me in isn’t necesarily a love of sport (although that is part of it) but the story itself, and it’s even more powerful in the Paralympics. To be frank I’m utterly astonished at some of the things I’ve seen, and whilst it is incredibly twee I’d quite happily give a gold medal to every contender simply because they made it to the competition.

Best moment so far is easily the 13 year old gold medal winner, Eleanor Simmonds. As I said on Twitter: “13yr old gold medal winner for Team GB. She was bawling her eyes out when she won. So was I!!!”


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  1. Blue Witch said:

    I’m getting very cross with the BBC’s news reportage (eg brief reportage on radio or quick nes) eg “GB have won another gold medal in the x sport.” No, it’s NOT “GB”, it’s [the person concerned]. They didn’t treat our able bodied athletes with this contempt – at least their names got mentioned. Grrrrr.

    September 10, 2008

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