Ohh it's just a phase…

I wasn’t planning on following up the previous post, but given the amount of time people have taken to respond, and how thought provoking those responses were/are I think I should take a moment to address a couple of things.

Like Pete, says:

I go through phases where I use the computer a lot, and then I go through phases where I avoid it as much as possible. I have phases where I watch films, and then I have phases where I don’t. Phases where I read books, phases where I don’t. Computer games, don’t. Watch TV, don’t.

So with that in mind I’m not overly concerned at my current computer apathy, and as usual simply expressing my thoughts here tends to alleviate the gravitas I’m (subconciously) placing on them. However there is probably something else that is hiding underneath all of this, something Louise spotted (apparently she has a good understanding of how I’m wired… who knew! 😉 ).

Basically whilst it is just a phase, it’s currently feeling more acute as I’m not just bored with the amount of time I spend on the computer, I’m also kinda bored of everything else that normally fills the gaps in my time. TV, boring. Movies, mostly boring. Books, boring, Wii, boring and so on and so on.

The common factor is that, typically, I’d do those activities in isolation, which makes it kinda obvious that what I’m really needing is to join a club or something, find some way of expanding my social horizons. I’m considering taking a course in digital photography or somesuch, but I’ve said as much before and it’s never happened.

Probably because, like I’ve said, this is just a phase.

Actually, thinking about it, aren’t “phases” something teenagers have … have I really not grown up yet?

On second thoughts, don’t answer that.

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Social activites do have an edge, for sure. Thinking about my top three, food is usually a social activity, family is always a social activity but plants are often solitary. But plants have personalities and are growing, living things. And you can talk to them without them answering back.

Computers, on the other hand, just give you the BSOD if they don’t like you.

hansstolte says:

Altheimers is a phase too…

So they are things we keep doing… or do, or fall into

Me i haveve moved about 8 times an 4 countries, but have kids here, so need to wait for the next ‘phase’ before moving to my final destination ‘Australia’…

Was at the beach today, went for a walk in the sun, the water was lapping at the peir and I thought, empty beach, sun, water who needs more?

mum says:

Can’t help thinking that Louise is right – all these things are done by ‘I’ There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’. Maybe you need to get together and do things with – or maybe even for – other people. You can start by looking after Dad’s baskets while we’re on holiday!

You need to join a band!

And I thought this was going to be a post about contraception… (OK, I’ll stop now ;))

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