We Haz Teh Kitchen!

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Laminate flooring is a bugger (or maybe it’s the instructions?). But, finally, it’s done!!

Kitchen is finished (1)

Well, technically speaking there are a couple of small jobs to do but that’s the big stuff out of the way. You should’ve seen us when we laid that last bit of flooring, high-fiving like a couple of NBA All-Stars we were.

Anyway, nothing else to say about it, just wanted to mark the occasion.

18 Replies to “We Haz Teh Kitchen!”

  1. I should point out that my Mum did the wallpapering, ta mumsy!

    Matt – righteous.

    Peggy – It does? Dammit, we’ll need to move!

    Techcommdood – We think so! Thanks! NO WAY!!!! 😉

  2. You must feel an incredible sense of relief that all the disruption is finally over and the results are fabulous! I had perused the Flicker set after the previous post – infinitely preferable to having some BBC camera crew and flouncy presenter intruding into your lives to reveal the makeover to the audience.
    Perfect timing too – you can head off on the trip to Budapest without worrying about the finishing touches 🙂

  3. Glad it’s all done – and yeah, looking good all round!

    Now, about that complaint… How’s it going?

  4. We’ve been doing ours at the same time as you- we moved out for 3 nights whilst the worst of it was done and now we’ve only got the painting and tiling to do.

    Worst moment? When the shiny new kitchen went in, then the plasterer covered the whole flippin’ lot in plaster juice and dust. I nearly shed tears.

    We are NEVER moving now.

    (Your kitchen looks lovely and I see that unlike us you remembered to buy the lovely stainless steel cooker switch to match all the stainless steel other switches)

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