Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

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I’m thinking.

I’m thinking about what to write.

I’m thinking that I’m not sure where the tub of Polyfilla is, I’m hoping it didn’t get thrown out.

I’m thinking that I shouldn’t really be writing this post as my entire week is chock full of meetings and I need to grab every single available moment to ping off some emails and keep up to date with what’s going on outside of the meeting rooms which are currently almost a semi-permanent home.

I’m thinking that finding a better way to do things AFTER you are committed to a particular way of working is a little daft…

I’m thinking that having all 103GB of my music here at work is actually a bad thing as I spend WAY too much time flicking through tracks to find something that suits my mood.

I’m thinking that I really REALLY enjoyed the Pixar book I finished reading yesterday (it was a Christmas present) and that I should post up my thoughts/review but I don’t currently have the time.

I’m thinking that I should stop thinking and get something done!

What are you thinking?

13 Replies to “Are you pondering what I'm pondering?”

  1. I’m thinking that I shouldn’t really be reading this post when all those other tasks are piling up in my inbox….

  2. I’m thinking I should be at home with my feet up, not still working at my advanced years.

  3. I’m thinking that the person who re-wrote the code I’m currently fixing should be flippin’ well shot.

    Among other things.

    I’m also thinking that I need to stop procrastinating, and get on with stuff. Again.

    Oh, and about what/where the next contract will be. Joy.

  4. I’m thinking I’m glad I left work early, but that semi-selfless acts are liable to make me sad. I’m also thinking I should get on with what I came home to do instead of browsing the interweb.

  5. I’m thinking that I’m glad that each and every time I pass the Raith interchange, I get to see deer. Today young George got to see them too because he came with me today.

    I’m also thinking that I need a different non-soul sucking job.

  6. How to calculate the radial velocity of Regulus.

    I take a week off work and spend it working on my OU work 🙂

  7. I’m thinking that I really should not be sitting fretting about work at 9.30 on a Saturday night, and that if I am going to do that, I should get on and bloody work, not get distracted by blogs…

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