We can haz electricitics?*

We can!!

Lessons learned, if you know someone in the ‘trade’, ask them for a recommendation. Not only have the guys done a bang up job, clearing up after themselves in the process, they were HALF the price we got quoted for a job that would’ve taken twice as long?

When we told Danny, our newest bestest electrician friend, about the other quote he was gobsmacked both at the price and the length of time quoted.

If you are in the South Lanarkshire area, I’d recommend you steer clear of “First Call Electrical Services” and Mark Rodger.

And if you need an electrician I’ll happily pass on the number of our newest bestest electrician friend.

So, step one in getting the kitchen finished is complete. Just waiting on the delivery of a new worktop and then rescheduling the fitters. Another week perhaps??

Anyway, to celebrate saving a fair wodge of cash on the job, we’re off out for dinner with our friends Ian and Susan. Ian is our “friend in the trade” (and his Mum comments here on occasion, Hi Moyra!) so this is a big THANK YOU for helping us de-stress a little and hopefully lowering my blood pressure… ohh I’ve not told you that news have I… 176/116 is bad, apparently so I’m being healthy now. It sucks. More on that, later (but not tomorrow as we are car boot sale-ing and have to be up at 4am to get a pitch!!! Mental!).

Must dash, we’re going out in an hou… ummm.. 40 minutes!!

* In case anyone is wondering (surely by now EVERYONE has heard of them?) the wording of the title is a tribute to Lolcats.

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First Call is a national franchise thingy. They operate a central call centre and direct you to the nearest First Call engineer to you. The have engineers for electricity, gas, plumbing, farting, sneezing – just look in the relevant parts of your Yellow Pages.

I called them out a few years ago when we had a flat that we let out. We needed a new gas hob installed. First Call prat came along and pressure tested the system and decided there was a leak. He condemned our entire gas system on the spot, charged us sixty quid and left.
When they condemn a system, they are obliged to alert British Gas. BG man duly tuned up within 90 minutes (they treat it as an emergency) and asked who I had out. He gave me one of those looks. He took one look at the old hob, noticed that one of the taps was turned on slightly (causing the “leak”) and tore up the condemn notice, saying what prats First Call are. My advice, like yours, is AVOID.

Ian's Mum says:


Did you get tablets for that or just advice? The blood pressure I mean not the kitchen.
Hope you all had a great night you are all real stars!

I love I Can Has Cheezeburger. I have always had a link to them on my blog.

P – “Henry c’mere and look at this one”

H – “groan”

P – “This one is really funny”

hans stolte says:

And he wanted cash…

Firstcall tax dodgers

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