Back to work tomorrow, as I feel almost human again. Still a little tired but I can cope with that as I’m no longer (as of yesterday) falling asleep halfway through the afternoon. It’s good timing as the next few days are going to be hectic.

The kitchen fitters arrive tomorrow so last night we started taking out the appliances; the cooker is getting thrown out, the dishwasher is being passed on to some friends, and the fridge and washing machine will be sitting in the living room for the next few days. This gave me a chance to switch the fridge door round (only taken… 6 years?), and give it a good clean, two things I’ve been meaning to do for ages (working at McDonalds has an upside, I know the best way to clean seals on a fridge door..).

Aside from that, the past two weeks haven’t consisted of much. We’ve slowly been spending money, with Louise ordering and picking up the tiles for the wall and the new flooring, and had to fork out for a new hoover (our 12 year old Dyson has packed up) and to get the flashing on the porch redone to stop it leaking.

I’ve done little but watch crap TV, crap movies and sleep, with the exception of dipping in and out of “The Naked Jape” a rather fascinating book by Jimmy Carr and Lucy Greeves which explores why we joke, what makes a joke funny and a myriad of other issues surrounding our use of humour. It’s a smart read, and is peppered with some pretty good jokes as well. We are seeing Jimmy when he hits Glasgow in April so it was a timely read.

I also managed to finish of a website so it’s not been a completely unproductive time, but I’m quite looking forward to getting back to work for a couple of days.

Of course, I say that now…

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Finish of a website?!? I know you’re ill, but really, dear boy…

Still, ’tis a nicely designed site. Congrats on getting at least one done. πŸ™‚

Do you not read the Witchy Consumer Hints I write for you? *sobs*

Β£55 and Dyson would have serviced and rebuilt that machine at a place and time of your choosing, including everything that needed doing. Parts, labour, VAT, the lot.

Ohh BW, we did consider that.

But we had credit from returned goods that we used against it, and the old one was a large upright which we never had proper storage space for… we now have a compact one which will fit in the understair cupboard.

We are down a few quid but getting a smaller hoover is worth it!

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