The food from the Brassica oleracea Gemmifera group that is, not the capital city of Belgium.

I quite like Brussel Sprouts providing they aren’t boiled to death. However, over lunch today, it seems I am in the minority. At a table of 7, I was the only person who liked them. Some people dislike them so much they want to bash them but of course that might be genetic (it’s a PTC receptor thing apparently).

If you don’t like plain Brussel Sprouts, try this; Steam (or boil) the sprouts for 10 mins, then chop them up. Chop up and fry some nice bacon, add a dash of cream and throw in the Brussels. Delish. There are plenty of other recipes as well.

Anyway, I refuse to believe that the humble Brussel is so hated, so it’s over to you, dearest reader.


  1. I LOVE sprouts. My whole family LOVES sprouts. They’re the business, except, of course, when boiled to a mush. They’re just like perfect mini bundles of the best veggie in the world, cabbage, a green thing I couldn’t dream of living without.

    There was a dreadful episode once when a flatmate decided to use up a month old bag of sprouts that she’d left in the fridge, and boiled them up to make sprout soup. My other flatmate came home, walked in the door and had to walk straight out again to puke in the garden, such was the hideous smell. didn’t put me off them though. THAT’S how good they are.

  2. Love them. They’re especially nice raw (as is a lot of veg IMNSHO)

    Awful if overcooked, which is probably how most people have come to hate them. School canteens have a lot to answer for.

    Particularly nice way to serve them up is with chestnuts and bacon, and a bit of cream.

  3. Actually that might have been how my Dad did them that year.. yeah there is likely to have been chestnuttage involved…

    Dad? Care to chip in?

  4. Scoot them around a pan with a drop of balsamic vinegar. Yum.

    Also, surely it is "Brussels sprouts" (sprouts from Brussels), which might simply be referred to as "sprouts". But *yay* for using a botanical name.

  5. See, now I can’t fill that in – I like them, but I don’t LOVE them.

    In other words, I’ll eat them, but I won’t eat everyone elses. And equally I couldn’t care less if I never had another one. Ever.

    So if “I can take ’em or leave ’em” were an option, I could vote.

  6. Sort of dislike them. But the bacon thing might change my mind. And I love cabbage. I suspect sprouts are one of those things that are better eaten very fresh as well – less bitter.

    The toddler loves them. Loves them. Which is worrying.

    Interestingly, according to the Vegetable Delivery Man (who has a beard), sprouts aren’t the item he’s most requested to leave out of the organic boxes. That honour goes to Jerusalem Artichokes. I cannot for the life of me see why anybody would not love Jerusalem Artichokes. But that is a whole new debate.

  7. I adore them. But it won’t let me vote.

    The only veg that is best boiled to a pulp rather than al dente.

    I actually prefer them overcooked and *cold*.

  8. Known in our family, when the children were little, as ‘Daddy sprouts’ as my husband’s name is Russell. I like them raw, al dente or cooked through – though not to a pulp.

    Jerusalem artichokes – whoever wouldn’t love those?

  9. Dad’s busy gallivanting but I’ll drop some hints to the cook. Want them with or without trifle?

  10. You may not remember your Gran’s special way with sprouts:- cook them until very soft then put them, uncovered, in the oven to keep warm and/or until a hard “crust” is formed. Serve with boiled chicken!

  11. mother. you know fine well if there ain’t no trifle there ain’t no Christmas!!!!!

    Not sure if I’ve ever tried Jerusalem artichokes

  12. Brussel Sprouts are truly vegetables made by the devil – pure evil in whatever form – i hate them with a passion and am totally brainwashing my children to think the same way.

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