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Just a couple of things to point out.

RSS Feeds
Adrian pointed out, quite rightly, that I have 4 RSS Feeds when I only really need 3, and even then they aren’t brilliantly titled.

So I’ve sorted that out. If you have any issues you may need to resubscribe. Sorry for the hassle.

Switched out the “smart archives” plugin for “smarter archives” plugin. The archive page is a lot quicker loading now.

Thanks to a heads up from.. eh… someone in my RSS list, I’ve added comment previews. The buttons are a bit wonky right now but I’ll get them sorted soon.

Not sure if anyone else spotted this one but that vertical line between the head and the text, it had a funny background colour for some reason. Thought I’d fixed it a while ago but apparently I hadn’t. Fixed now.

Not bad for 15 mins work eh.

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  1. Hadn’t noticed the background colour thing ’til you mentioned it. Then did a Shift & F5 to refresh and lo, it’s gone.

    Colour me impressed. Mr Productive. 😛

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