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Just wanted to let you know that I may not have commented in a while but I’m still reading.

Your avid reader,


(no, this post didn’t take long to pull together at all, read on if you want the how to…)

I use Google Reader to monitor quite a few RSS feeds, one set of tags (essentially a folder view) is titled Blogs. That’s where all the links above came from.

Getting the list of websites from Google Reader is fairly straightforward (but could be easier!). All you need is the Web Developer extension for Firefox and a text editor (Notepad2 for example).

In Google Reader, go to the Manage Subscriptions page (under your list of feeds) and when the page opens select the Tags tab at the top. Select the tag/folder you want to use, and make it shared publically by clicking the Change Sharing drop-down list and selecting Public.

Then grab the Public URL displayed (right-click on the “view public page” link and select Copy Link Location) and head over to unofficial Google Operating System blog. Paste the link in the form and then save the javascript to a local HTML file. Open the HTML file in your browser, right-click on that page and select Web Developer > View Source > View Generated Source.

Grab the displayed code, dump it in a text file, search and replace line breaks with commas and you are good to go.

That’s all I did. Not sure if it’s something I’ll use often mind you but it was good to have an easy(ish) way to get something like this done.

* Did I miss you from the list? Nothing personal, just means I’m not following YOUR blog in my RSS Reader. If that REALLY annoys you then feel free to berate and deride me. If you make me feel bad enough I’ll add you to my list.

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Good to know. I still read this blog, but rarely comment. I think I tend to comment less since using Google Reader, since there is no longer a handy comment link at the bottom of every post.

I’m the same. Adding a ‘comment on this post’ link is on my list of things to do…

You’ve included me? You’ve included me! Gordon, honey, I feel so complimented.

I am truly humbled to be featured twice.

I find I comment less using Google Reader too, but if you use Firefox and have the right Greasemonkey script installed, you can preview the blog page within Google Reader and also click through quite easily to comment.

But … I still don’t comment as often!

And I feel complimented too ๐Ÿ˜€

Cheers dude! I think that Google public folders thingy is much more useful for creating a dynamically-updated blogroll-type-deal myself, but maybe that’s just me. And Pete.

You lost me completely on that tecchie bit – but glad to see that you’re around.


The Literature Blog. ha ha.

RSS = stress.
To me anyway.
Am I the only one who still uss bookmarks/blogroll?
(maybe thatโ€™s why I still comment more than most people seem to?)

PS Weren’t you the one who moaned about my preview/post thingy being annoying a couple of years ago? Yours didn’t let me post and accidentally previewing the first time…

and eventually I’ve had to load FF to comment at all…

Yeah I probably did BW, but a couple of years ago is a long time, behaviours and attitudes change and all that.

And your comments are very much appreciated, I’ve made an effort to get round the blogs a little more in the past few days, and will TRY and keep it up this week (it’s a diversion tactic as I’m stupid busy at work, ain’t it always the way)

thank you for that.

my brain seems to have turned to marshmallow of late and I’m struggling to read let alone comment or write, so it’s nice to know you are still there!

That’s nice.

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