Dreaming of dreams

I had a lucid dream the other morning. Louise had gotten up early and I dozed off again to grab a final 15 mins in bed. When I say dozed off, I really mean that I was vaguely aware of her alarm going off before nodding back off some seconds later. Nanoseconds that is…

When I woke I was aware that I’d just had a very lucid dream. I can remember thinking, whilst dreaming, that the dream I was having was a familiar one and that it would an excellent source for a story.

Let me backtrack a little here.

Some of you may have noted the occasional comment from my Mum, asking me when I was going to start writing a book. I’ll happily admit that the idea intrigues me but, honestly, it’s one thing writing an eloquent blog post, quite another to write a book. Those things have plots, character development, and all sorts going on.

So there I was, just awake and no more, realising that I’d just been dreaming about my realisation that one of my frequent dreams would be ideal fodder for my masterpiece.

I just wish I could also have remember what THAT dream was about… I’ve tried but can’t get any idea of what it involves yet I know I’ve had that dream before, and I know that I realised, WHILST DREAMING IT, that I should use it as the basis for a novel …. honestly, it’s a wonder I managed to get out of bed at all.

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