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Visiting my father-in-law is sort of a home away from home and, as such, we tend to not do much preferring to just slot into his routine. Every day is similar, breakfast on the roof terrace, down for lunch, back to roof, out to pub around 4ish for a couple of drinks. Dinner, siesta, and back out at 9pm. Rinse, repeat. The main variations are deciding whether to eat in, or out, and deciding which pub to visit. As such, there isn’t really much to say about the past 10 days, so I’ll keep it brief.

Sunday 23rd Sept – Bleary eyed. Middle of night check-in. Snoozing on plane. Wave of heat. Tapas for lunch. Holiday mood arrives easily.

Monday 24th Sept – Market day, fresh juicy mango and nectarines, so cheap! Lazy day, finished reading Salmon Fishing in Yemen. Spend rest of afternoon reminiscing on autumn evenings on the River Leven.

Tuesday 25th Sept РHeaded inland to Embalse de Vi̱uela. Another market, serrano ham, cheese and bread for lunch, with a cheeky wee red to accompany.

Wednesday 26th Sept – A peaceful day followed a glorious sunset, burning clouds over pink water, photos to follow. Attended Pub Quiz. Won Pub Quiz.

Thursday 27th Sept – Another Pub Quiz, another victory.

Friday 28th Sept – Nothing of note, other than a booming thunderstorm just as we went to bed.

Saturday 29th Sept – Pool tournament, random couples, Louise won! (never live that down!) Also my Dad’s birthday, and the day my sister was going to jump out of a plane (alas the weather was against her).

Sunday 30th Sept – Nothing of note. Nada, nope, nowt.

Monday 1st Oct – Market day, delicious tapas for lunch, sumptuous steak for dinner.

Tuesday 2nd Oct – Heading home. Already?!!

And there endeth the holiday. The tan isn’t too bad, I also (finally) read The Long Tail, and almost romped through a James Patterson on the plane (damn tail wind, I’d have finished it if we hadn’t have landed 15 mins early!). We drank too much, ate well and it feels weird to have a watch round my wrist, and trousers flapping round my ankles.

Right, enough of this. I’ve a few thousand emails to get through…

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Welcome back! Glad you had a good time.


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Did you enjoy ‘Salmon Fishing on the Yemen?

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